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My job involves patience and diligence. One mis-picked product could end in drinking a juicy inexpensive bottle of Riesling instead of the intended 1984 Guigal La Landonne.

Over the years I have tasted my way through a good many corners of The Wine Company portfolio and picking these treasures everyday I especially enjoy the chance to match a familiar label and name to a taste -and yet isn’t it remarkable that there are still so many I have yet to try?

Pressed to name “a favorite wine” I might struggle because there are so many I genuinely like but if you were to plumb my sales history you might find I tend to gravitate towards food friendly options that can also go it alone if I want to just have a glass. Invigorating whites from the Loire, Bordeaux, and Northern Italy; a good deal of rich and savory Malbecs -from both the new and old world; and let’s not forget sparkling wines of every complexion.

Who doesn’t want more Grower Champagne, Cremant de Loire/Alsace/Bourgogne, Pinot Noir from Emilia Romagna -even the simple, cheap and cheerful sparkling wines of Provence? Especially from this temperature controlled warehouse where everything that makes it here has already made it past so many baleen other importers might not consider. Such as: what pairs best with whole hog roast pork? If the answer is not Riesling or Cabernet Franc from Saumur, it is no doubt:  L O V E . . .


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