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The easiest job to get with a liberal arts degree is one in the wine industry, right?

When I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts at the U of M I was more interested in learning to make wine than going to law school. Thus began a multi-year journey of travel-wine-making internships around the world. From learning the basics at a boutique producer in the Willamette Valley of Oregon (on my first day after filling large format bottles from the tank for 8 hours they handed me a beer and told me to teach myself to drive the forklift by stacking and unstacking pallets in the back parking lot), to running the chardonnay cellar at a killer producer in Meursault during harvest because I was the only intern who spoke French, I feel like I’ve truly lived my best life at a young age in the wine industry. Looking back at a journal from a day of barrel tasting with Roumier, Dujac and (regular) dinners with Roulot, I rub my eyes. Working on a farm in Italy, living in a shack in a New Zealand vineyard and managing some small label wines during harvest in California, wow I miss those days. I’ve since spent some time working in retail and most recently in wine sales elsewhere but my wine-work-travel days are behind me and I’m back in the Midwest for good.

Born and raised in Southeast Wisconsin, yes I love cheese, I now consider Minnesota home with my lovely wife of 5 years and our blossoming 4 and 1 year old children. We yearn for the days when international travel will again be possible, but for now spend most all of our free time together at home. Cooking, gardening, kayaking are my favorite things to do. I’ve been known to play the tenor saxophone. My favorite food is tortilla chips. Favorite color, green. I love bread and making it. My desert island wine would probably be a Grüner from the Wachau, rosé from Provence, Merlot from Washington State, or shocker, Champagne!

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