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I was born in Chicago, but one of my good friends once said to me, “there is no feeling like returning home to the Twin Cities.” Having been brought up between Illinois and Minnesota, I believe I have mastered the balance between Chicago extroversion and Twin Cities introversion. I’ve called St. Paul home for around 15 years off and on, and always find myself drawn back to Summit-University.

My love for wine originated in its role in parties and engagements – the way it connects us, regardless of our prior knowledge and histories of origin. Sharing dishes and glasses leads to a shared nourishment in the soul, body, and mind. Also, a little scotch never hurts.

I’m known for my extensive (read: heavy) book collection, comprised mostly of science fiction novels, nonfiction essay compilations, and whatever else jumps out at me in the nostalgia section of used bookstores. My secret superpower is finding signed novels in discount bins and authenticating autographs. When I’m not humbling myself in the presence of wine professionals, I’m hanging out with my teenage cat Orpheus, writing poetry, cooking with friends, dancing to Motown hits, and practicing Super Nintendo speed runs on my laptop.

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