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Kyle Rau

As one who believes “everything happens for a reason”, I am pleased to be a part of Coöperative Wine Services, being out on the road, having independence, and interacting with customers. With a professional history of driving for UPS along with many years as a flight attendant for United Airlines, being on the move and working with people clearly resonates with who I am. Having music in the CWS trucks is another story altogether. It is a great improvement on the UPS fleet that did not even have radios in their trucks. I like all kinds of music. I have especially enjoyed listening to a band called Lany these days but really love everything – from classic rock and hip hop. I am all over the place.

When I am not driving, I enjoy hanging with my wife and daughter, playing disc golf, or watching football. A big Miami Dolphins fan, I have followed them since the earliest days watching them with Dad – as they were the only team we ever watched. As a family we LOVE to travel and are already excited to get back to it, not least cruises. As a flight attendant I was fortunate to travel widely. I have seen the world. I really liked exploring Scotland and Ireland, the busy streets of Beijing, and among my favorites: the Dominican Republic where life so simple.

Born in Maryland to a father in the Navy, I have lived in Cuba, Florida, Missouri, Texas, Arizona, and Chicago. West Saint Paul is now the family home shared by my wife, our daughter, and our dog Millie –a mini Australian Shepherd Poodle mix: an Aussie Doodle. She is crazy and just loves people –even more than dogs. Her love for attention greets guests at the front door and follows them all around the house. At only 20 pounds she is pretty easy though and she does not even shed.

When our girl is down for a nap, my wife and I like to bond over cooking. We love to cook together. While I am still getting to know wine, I do enjoy a dry red at my in-laws and I suspect working here I will broaden those horizons in no time but I will still enjoy my Grain Belt and all the beers from Kona Brewing Company –my personal favorite. On the spirits front, I am excited to explore the vodkas in the portfolio and someday raise a glass in person!

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