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My route to The Wine Company was a long one: I studied Architecture in Copenhagen, Denmark and I spent more than two glorious years in Kyoto Japan. I cut my teeth in this lovely wine trade by working a year in London – the very best metropolis for wine lovers.

Which regions are my favorites to drink?  Here I struggle to anchor in one harbor when our world is so abundant with great vineyards growing moving wines.  If pressed, I might confess a deep faith in the great Savennières, a bookish and boyish wonder at the immortal fortifieds of Madeira, a loving patience for the late blooming reds of Piemonte, a revering love of Burgundy, and an ebullient obsession with Champagne.

My greatest ambition beyond the wine trade is to foster a bucolic escape replete with calm and simple comforts –an edible forest, a completely local restaurant, a community sauna, onsen inspired hot baths, earth homes burrowed into forested hills beneath grazing sheep with a manicured vineyard bound for sparkling wine.  With the help of my wondrous wife Jill this too will happen. À la tienne to all the other dreamers out there shaping their world around them -to making this time our time.

Nicholas Livingston tasting Champagne with the Rommens of Amsterdam

Photo credit to Daniël Rommens of Wign van de makers

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