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My journey with The Wine Company started in 2007. Working for a family owned company, where one must wear many hats has proven to be a perfect fit. With a mind for systems and a strong work ethic, I hit the day ready to roll up the sleeves. We bust our butts but still come together as family to break bread, relax on the patio, cook and sip together.

New experiences are one of the benefits of working for Larry Colbeck. He’s introduced every one of us to many “firsts” from ingredients to travels, and to more wine and food pairings than we could possibly count. Some of my favorites are champagne with potato chips, Saint Joseph blanc with Razor Clams, aged Barolo with flank steak, anything French with the fennel pollen rubbed ribs and chicken thighs of Saint Thibault, and above all whatever is in the chilling bucket so long as we’re eating Cioppino -my ultimate favorite.

Outside of work I am wholly devoted to family, you will find me watching of my of three children’s hockey games, soaking up the sun at a softball field, taking in a little “me” time in the woods or sitting on a patio with my husband, Ray.

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