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As a proud member of The Wine Company family since 1992, my love for this company runs deep, which served me well as the company President from 2004 to 2021 when I became CEO as Larry shifted into his retiring role as Executive Chairman. Leading a company in which there is a shared philosophy to model, where we advocate our offerings as an avenue to mindfully enjoying life remains a pleasure and has served us well.

The real joy in my professional career and what I believe to be the key to our decades of success lies with the amazing employees who collectively strive to make our work a civilized, principled, and compassionate part of our daily lives. I have had the good fortune to be surrounded by many wonderful mentors who ensure my own personal and professional growth to ensure I remain effective at keeping pace with this growing company. How lucky I am!

My time is dedicated to keeping The Wine Company relevant in the constantly changing wine and spirits industry. This goes well beyond strategic planning, operational efficiencies and asset management to acting as both corporate mentor and cheerleader.

I still proudly hold the title of the company’s worst spitter, thank you Wil & Larry!  I continue to be a lover of old world wines, but what a privilege to enjoy the many wonderful tastes and experiences our portfolio continues to provide.

My husband Scott and I have been legally making memories together since 1992 and what a life it has been.  We are the proud parents of two amazing young men.    We have added to our loving family a wonderful daughter-in-law who has blessed us with our first grandchild.

Be it age or common sense I have learned to slow it down.  I know to spend more time with my simpler passions like reading a good mystery novel, painting a picture, being present in nature, learning new cooking techniques (my neighbor loves me), spending quality time with my family and friends, and joyfully being present in our granddaughter’s life.  Patience, compassion and love do make for a blessed life.

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