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My start in the wine world came 30 years ago, drinking straight from the bottle on the steps of a French citadel.  After 12 years in the restaurant business I joined The Wine Company as the Portfolio Manager.  Perhaps declaring Zweigelt as the ‘drinkiest’ of all red wines helped me in the interview, for I’ve found a home here amongst like-minded professionals who enjoy the challenges of a portfolio like ours.

The wines of Central Burgundy, Chablis, and the Mosel hold a special place in my personal world, but I enthusiastically drink wine from almost every region.  Breaking down the barriers, complexities, and intimidation that can get in the way of wine just being enjoyable is something I take pride in.

My dog Kyla can often be found at the office, where she chews corks apart and gives me her opinion on the nuance of bark.

At home you can find me cooking food outdoors, throwing corks for Kyla, playing with my son Graham, and enjoying a glass with my beautiful, talented, and incredibly patient wife Lissa.

Hanging at La Tache, Burgundy


In the cellars of Burgundy with Ann and Patty



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