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J-C Dagueneau Berthiers Pouilly Fume 2021

Although Bordelais by birth and comfortable living as far afield as New Zealand, Sauvignon Blanc bears its soul when grown in the chalky Kimmeridgean marl of the Loire Valley. Pace out its ripening among this continental climate and Sauvignon Blanc shows verve and snap, mineral and gunflint, fresh and crisp fruits and a lofty structure that makes you sit up and take notice –not for any imbalanced shrill but rather for its perfectly pert qualities that express themselves like no other wine and pair so well with shellfish, sushi even though the best combination may be the traditional match to Crottin de Chavignol, a local Chevre that seems to resonate its own tang with the clean green and grassy citrus notes always salient among Loire Sauvignon Blanc.

Food Pairings

White fish, shellfish, oysters, chicken. Asparagus, cilantro, artichokes, salads. Lemony or garlicy things.

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