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Buena Vista North Coast Chardonnay 2020

There are certainly regional differences in Chardonnays produced in the USA but the paramount definer of any individual wine is the intent of the winemaker. The delicacy of chardonnay offers a canvas onto which a winemaker can impress a wide variety of fragrances and flavours through the vinification techniques he chooses. I describe first the core fragrances and flavours then the most common nuances associated with these wines as they are made in America. Fragrances of the grape are apple and apple blossom, citrics but most often lemon and floral notes especially acacia. Winemakers can and do often impart vanilla, butter, which give a sense of intensity, and peanut brittle. The core flavours are apple again, pear, fig, melons and, once again, citrics most often grapefruit or lemon though here is mostly zest not juice. The winemaking can add texture and creaminess building the wine’s richness.

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