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Aubry Brut Rose

In any cadre of aficionados the question when conversation dries up "what one book, one recording, one companion would you chose to take if you knew you'd be stranded on a desert island?" When folks know you're a wine geek that question is what one wine would you take to a desert isle. For me the situation needn't be so desperate to illicit an answer of Champagne; for me a deserted aisle would do. Champagne is from the eponymous region of France an hour or so east of Paris. Here the finest sparkling wines in the world are made. They vary in the proportional blend of grapes, Chardonnay and the two red grapes Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, and what the soil is like. That said for the purposes of this blurp what you will expect is a delicacy and precision that lifts you to poetics; I feel so James, James Bond ala Sean Connory when I'm enjoying a glass of Champagne. Total disclosure here... there is no such thing as a glass of Champagne.

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Mgm - West Bloomington

South Lyndale Liquor


The Wine Thief & The Ale Jail
Saint Paul

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