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Chateau de Chamilly Montagny les Bassets 2021

Here is a coruscating example of what we yearn to find from undiscovered Burgundy: verve and sap and all of the charms of the celebrated 2009 vintage reminding us this is the spiritual home and birthplace for Chardonnay. Montagny [mohn-taw-nee] terroir comes through in expressive fruit, mineral nuance, and lofty floral top notes. The Fruit runs the gamut of light notes of papaya, faint dried coconut, and a lifted fresh pineapple aroma. The palate is lush and snappy with a waxy talcy texture like biting through the firm skin of Autumn's first apple. With a faint mineral smoke above it all, there's almost a still Champagne quality to it all despite the warm , lush, hedonistic vintage. Ah! Another reason we hunt for the lesser known! 13% alcohol by volume
Wine review by Nicholas D. Livingston, August 2011

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