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Ferrer Bobet Priorat Vinyes Velles 2018

Garnacha, known to most of the English speaking world by its French name Grenache, is actually as Spanish as Don Quixote. Grown under the Iberian sun, Garnacha thrives even during water stress and serious heat to yield spicy berried wines with hefty yet integrated alcohol, mild and juicy acids and a charming, hearty personality. These are: clap you on the back, I’m here for you! sorts of wines. They are a pleasure to simply knock back young or as a tasty treat to wash down tapas, cheese, and olives. Although Garnacha may be the most widely grown red variety the world over, Spain offers a home turf that thoroughly develops the best flavours of this long and late ripening variety.

Food Pairings

Grilled pork or lamb. Id also enjoy this with alot of Greek foods.

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