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Gaillard Cote Rotie Esprit de Blonde 6/750 2016

Pierre Gaillard Côte Rôtie Esprit de Blonde 2011
Oh my.

Côte Rôtie. There is nothing else like it. A personal opinion: Côte Rôtie shows terroir better than almost any wine region on earth. Nowhere else do you get uplift of bright red fruits playing so well with the bass notes of vanilla and licorice and spice richness. The nose simply soars. The whole thing sings in perfect harmony and elevates to new heights. Okay, I’ll calm down now.

Official tasting note: Medium to full bodied aromas of black cherry, raspberry concentrate, and the odd throat lozenge called “Fisherman’s Friend” which is packed with an herbal concoction that reminds me of absinthe. On the palate it blasts off with a sweet core of fruit (no sugar obviously, but simply a concentration) that immediately goes into high notes and great detail. A fireworks display. It tastes the exact opposite of a Napa Valley merlot, in a good way.

Wines like this promise life, detail, and curiosity. Wines like this make you return to the glass continuously thinking, rather than the first whiff being all you need. Wines like this are why we do what we do at The Wine Company. Knowing how little land Pierre Gailard has, and that he tends to the vines with his own hands, and carefully brings to the world wines as beautiful as this, brings it all together.
Wine review by Jason Kallsen, February 19th 2015 (Flower)

Food Pairings

Winged beasties with dark meat like duck, goose, squab, and griffins. Hooved game. Roasted meats.

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