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Geil Spatburgunder 2021

Pinot Noir grapes are so fickle and difficult to grow that, along side Burgundy and Oregon, New Zealand constitutes the third side to what may be the vinous equivalent to the Bermuda Triangle, the world’s Pinot Noir triangle. You’ve chosen one from outside this privileged area; good on ‘ya! The wines can display intense bouquet that are often quite lovely with a particular herbal nuance in juxtaposition with the berry fruit heralds the varietal. You’ll probably find this in the flavours as well.

Food Pairings

Roasted birds are a preternatural match but Pinot Noir goes with any number of dishes ranging from those incorporating wild game and foraged mushrooms to veal stews or grilled fleshy fish. For a classic cheese pairing hunt down some Epoisse...

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