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Guigal St. Joseph Blanc Lieu Dit 2016

Marsanne, being more dependable and offering intriguing aromas, has gradually taken oven the role of blending once held in many Rhône appellations by Roussanne. Even now though these two varietals are like Abbott and Costello; in most case one needs the other. Marsanne in a typical vintage will be low in acidity tending to oxidation and browning. Roussanne plays the straight man bringing bracing acidity and complementary aromas to the wine. So what is 100% or predominately Marsanne wine like? It will be round, deeply-coloured wine and fairly full-bodied. The bouquet is of sandalwood, candle wax and crushed almonds. The “tell” for Marsanne is a waxy flavour and mouthfeel.

Food Pairings

Shellfish, especially lobster. Pork including ham. Curries, chicken. Squash or pumpkin soup or risotto.

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