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Hirsch Ries Gaisberg Library 15-16-17-18

Riesling may be the greatest white wine in the world though you’ll only come to share my sentiment when you’ve tasted a few well-aged examples; certain of these wines, though by no means a rarity, can age beautifully for decades. The wines are usually made dry or off-dry. The bouquet often includes honeysuckle, white flowers, wet stones, rose petals and, don’t frown, petrol. In the mouth the oft and aptly used ‘racy’ best describes the delights of Riesling; flint, minerality, white pepper. These are among the best food wines in the world.

Food Pairings

Pork, ham, scallops. Salmon or tuna most anyway even tartare. Asian food. An excellent wine with food.

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