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The Better Half Sauvignon Blanc 2023

Until New Zealand revealed its natural affinity to Sauvignon Blanc, the Loire ruled the roost. How things have changed. Bright citrus fruits, fresh cut grass, snap pea, fiddleheads and honeydew melon have made New Zealander Sauvignon Blanc a favorite for many. Those tired of unctuous Chardonnay could quench their thirst with a fresh and nimble Marborough Sauvignon Blanc. Those coming from Pinot Grigio were pleasantly surprised by the verve and breadth of fruit. Chefs the world over finally had dreamy, minerally structured wines at approachable price points that seem to pair with all sorts of tricky flavours from asparagus and artichokes to bean salads and goat's cheese. If only New Zealand was nearer than a day's flight!

Food Pairings

White fish, shellfish, oysters, chicken. Asparagus, cilantro, artichokes, salads. Lemony or garlicy things.

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