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Rudel Pinot Noir 2022

Crémant de Loire remains a calm respite from all the hyper bubblies of the modern age and a relief from the ever rising prices of Champagne. Quality is integral when wines are crafted according to the Méthode Traditionelle which demands the second fermentation occurs in bottle as well extended aging on its lees. These wines take on creamier texture and biscuity nuances as a result and imbue a delicate elegance from finer bubbles. The backbone of the Loire’s fines bulles [fine bubbles] remains the noble Chenin Blanc with its broad spectrum of aromas and flavours that stretch from orchard fruits (limes, apples, mandarins) to lanolin, crème brûlée, brioche and flakey pastries. In the world of rosé however, Cabernet Franc plays its part although as much for its complexion as its strawberry scents. In addition to the component grapes, the limestone tuffeau subsoil lends a minerality all its own; one that keeps all of us coming back to these sparkling wines -wines that seem to reflect the stones on which they were grown.

Food Pairings

Roasted birds are a preternatural match but Pinot Noir goes with any number of dishes ranging from those incorporating wild game and foraged mushrooms to veal stews or grilled fleshy fish. For a classic cheese pairing hunt down some Epoisse...

Where to find this wine

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Apple Valley #3 - 157th St W
Apple Valley

Andy's Liquor Marketplace

Liquor Boy
Saint Louis Park

International Wines & Liquors
Saint Paul

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