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Mas Doix Doix 2018

Carignan is the workhorse red wine grape of southern and southwestern France. Easy to grow, well suited to hot, dry climatic conditions, and a prolific producer of fruit, Carignan is the backbone of most of the house wines available by the carafe in bistros and cafés all over the region. And, if you replanted your vineyards every 40-50 years that would be the end of the story. Basic, forgettable wines at reasonable prices as background to your thoroughly enjoyable tour through the Languedoc. But then, after they have been growing for 50-60 years the Carignan vines go through an almost overnight transformation. Yields drop substantially, and suddenly the remaining fruit takes on an intensity, depth, and richness that can be positively world class. Now you find smoke, tobacco, clove spices, and caramelized bacon in the resulting wines, and who doesn’t love wine that smells like bacon?!

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