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Massolino Dolcetto d'Alba 2022

Until the 1990’s Dolcetto was made exclusively for early drinking to quench the thirst of the locals. Winemakers knew Dolcetto was two-faced and higher prices on the export market led to more complex wines often aged in oak. These Dolcetto’s are deep purple with aromas of black raspberries, violets and chocolate covered cherries. On the palate you’ll find dark cherries and black raspberries. Some of these wines have a near term aging potential but I prefer them on the young side; the acid is lower than other Piemonte reds with most of the structure provided by the tannins. As the wine gets older the lower acids don’t preserve the freshness of the fruit so the tannins seem drying.

Food Pairings

Pasta and pizza with cheesy, tomatoey sauces. Risotto, too. Sausages, grilled chicken and tuna. Burgers and brats.

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