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La Vieille Ferme Blanc 2023

Grenache blanc lives largely in the shadow of its red cousin but deserves its own place in the sun. They certainly know this in southern France, northern Spain, the Rhone and elsewhere –the most recent splash was made in the US where Grenache blanc was planted from cuttings from Chateau de Beaucastel by way of Tablas Creek. Grenache blanc is best under controlled yields to prevent high alcohol and low acidity and to preserve its fresher side of full fruited flavours and a lip smacking nuance of dill in its youth. A social butterfly, Grenache blanc is charming in a group with Roussanne known to bring out it's brighter side in the variety. Though red Grenache is no doubt the first born, Grenache blanc is recognized as a great wine varietal of its own accord and surely one worth exploring again and again.

Food Pairings

Seafood cooked with garlic and white wine. Lemon chicken. White fish with salsa. Seafood salads.

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