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Vietti La Crena Barbera d'Asti 2019

Although it is grown around the world, Barbera of northwestern Italy's Piedmont are among the best and certainly defines the varietal. The chummiest friend-for-life out of the Piemontese family, Barbera is the first to explain what Piedmont’s all about and it does this so effortlessly you wonder at its breadth of expression and its humble talents. This red ripens late but for good reason; it is known for its sought after high acidity, a lovely fruity fragrance, mild tannins, and rich colour. As you might expect, styles often vary depending on the place they’re grown. With Alba and neighboring Asti producing many of the most compelling Barbera, the south of Piedmont has become the destination and spiritual center for Barbera devotees the world over. For years, Barbera was seen as the milder little brother to the brooding Barolo wine made from the opaque and severe Nebbiolo variety. No longer the case, Barbera is now the apple of many an eye for its delightful hue, pert structure and saturating scents.

Food Pairings

Tomato sauces on pasta or pizza especially spicy or meaty. Barbecued anything especially ribs and chicken. Burgers and brats.

Where to find this wine

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