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Vietti Barolo Brunate 2017

Often mistaken as its own varietal, Barbaresco is in fact a celebrated town in the Piedmont region of northwestern Italy. Some of the world’s most intricate and long lived wine comes from this picturesque enclave and its beauty compounds when you’ve tracked this memorable wine to its source only to find that its birthplace proves to be as moving as the Nebbiolo wine you crave. The variety ripens earlier here than Barolo which allows for earlier drinking reds but with their telltale tannins and ample acidity, Barbaresco is really at its peak five to ten years after harvest. In earlier times Barbaresco played second chair to Barolo, but over the last fifteen years in particular, Barbaresco has shown its lofty aromatics, its structural gravitas and its beguiling ability to evolve through fruit and hardwoods to earthen floral notes as well and better than its neighbor. Suddenly your cellar is devoted in large part to Piemontese wines –take it from one who knows. Having a mushroom risotto, a game feed or other autumnal fare? Honor the table with a righteous Barbaresco and share with your guests and family a true taste of Piedmont.

Food Pairings

Meats including hooved game and particularly savoury dishes like stews and braises. Pasta with rich, meaty sauces.

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