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Elsa Torrontes 2022

First of all, Torrentes is a white or perhaps the white wine from Argentina. Many writers compare it to Viognier but I am not one of them. Oh on the surface, yes; they share compelling aromatics of pitted fruits like apricot and peach, white flowers and quince. But Torrentes is more honest, more innocent. It is exactly as it appears; where Viognier is coquettish hiding a very serious side. The flavours of Torrentes are less flamboyant than the nose but the delicacy certainly invites a second sip if not glass. Most of these wines are not quite dry. Enjoy Torrentes on a picnic or a day at the beach or with spicy foods, say Thai.

Food Pairings

Ethnic foods; Thai, Mexican, Vietnamese. Seafood and shellfish especially with a squeeze of lemon. Ceviche.

Where to find this wine

Accounts that have purchased this wine in the previous twelve months are listed below, alphabetically by city. Please call ahead to confirm availability or vintage

Apple Valley #3 - 157th St W
Apple Valley

South Lyndale Liquor

Liquor Boy
Saint Louis Park

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