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Weinbach Riesling Cuvee Colette 2017

No matter where it is grown, Riesling always shows its noble lineage and its expressive aromas, combining floral fruit and mineral structure. Alsace stands apart from many preconceived notions of this gifted variety however –because unless it has gone into the Vendage Tardives or Selection de la Grains Nobles, the Rieslings of Alsace adhere to a dry flavour profile. Many argue Alsace offers Riesling in its purest, most elemental form; free from any manipulation or the distractions of sweetness –Riesling as it is meant to be: bright, buoyant, ethereal, floral, fruity, mineral, compelling, evocative, even spiritual. With warmer vintages leading to earlier harvests, some vintners have succumbed to the temptation to dip their toe into the slightly sweet renditions and have achieved glorious results but many traditionalists stand firm on fermenting their wines to bone dryness. Either way, Alsace speaks through the wines, marrying one of the world’s greatest noble varieties with one of its finest terroirs.

Food Pairings

Pork, ham, scallops. Salmon or tuna most anyway even tartare. Asian food. An excellent wine with food.

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