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Eugen Muller Riesling&Gewurztraminer 2021

Pfalz Riesling is proving a rising star in Germany’s bright sky. Grown in the north of the region, Riesling thrives in varied soils each lending another layer of depth to Pfalz wines. Riesling here are inviting with beguiling aromas and a lively structure unique to the region. For its well structured stature, Pfalz Riesling does well as a dry wine luring many a wandering abstainer back into the fold of Riesling’s fragrant embrace. Be that as it may, not all are completely troken and some old sweethearts are sure to surface for those who look –but no matter your pleasure, you will find moving Rieslings from this region within Germany’s historic Rheinland-Palatinate.

Food Pairings

Pork, ham, scallops. Salmon or tuna most anyway even tartare. Asian food. An excellent wine with food.

Where to find this wine

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Dabbler Depot
Saint Paul

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