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Champagne Marc Hebrart

Jean-Paul Hébrart has been in charge of this estate since his father, Marc Hébrart, retired in 1997. Marc Hébrart had been producing estate-bottled champagne since 1964, and since 1985 the estate has been a member of the winegrowers’ association called the Club des Viticulteurs Champenois (now called the Club Trésors de Champagne). While Jean-Paul had been making wine for several years under his own label, Jean-Paul Hébrart, he consolidated the two estates upon his father’s retirement, and now works 14 hectares of vines under the original family label of Marc Hébrart.

Hébrart’s vineyards are spread over 65 parcels in six different villages: Aÿ, Mareuil-sur-Aÿ, Avenay Val d’Or, Bisseuil, Chouilly and Oiry. Viticulture here is lutte raisonnée, avoiding synthetic treatments as much as possible, and parcels are vinified separately to preserve their distinct identities. Fermentation has traditionally been done in enameled steel tanks; thermo-regulated stainless steel was purchased in 2003, but Hébrart says that the difference in quality isn’t very pronounced. Since 2002, Jean-Paul Hébrart has been experimenting with fermentation in barrel for some old-vine parcels.

As an aside, Jean-Paul Hébrart is married to Isabelle Diebolt of Diebolt-Vallois in Cramant. While they live in Mareuil, they each work at their respective family properties, with little to no overlap. “We function completely separately, each with our own estates,” says Isabelle.

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