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The winery was founded in 1860 by Cleto Chiarli who, until that date, managed the "Trattoria dell'Artigliere" in the centre of Modena and was already producing his own Lambrusco for the habitués of his restaurant.The great appreciation and admiration of his wines encouraged Cleto Chiarli to set up new premises for the production of Lambrusco in greater quantities to sell to a wider market. Thus was Cantina Chiarli established back in 1860. Chiarli has faithfully handed down from generation to generation the rigorous principles of seriousness, honesty and the greatest respect for quality, thus ensuring the appreciation and affection of an ever increasing clientele.  Over 145 years have passed since its foundation and the Chiarli name is, more than ever, a benchmark for traditional quality Lambrusco. Lambrusco, known even in Roman times, is a wine of ancient origins which thanks to its natural fizziness, is more suitable than ever before to the requisites of modern eating habits. Lambrusco comes in various types and, each being different, largely satisfy the various tastes of the consumer.

- notes from Dalla Terra.

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