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Located in the heart of Champagne Domaine Pehu-Simonet is supported by the Grand Cru vineyards in Verzenay, Verzy, Sillery, Mailly Champagne and Mesnil sur Oger to seduce you.  Four generations of unfettered passion, familial discipline, and local wisdom have imbued Pehu-Simonet Champagnes with flavors true to their unique place in the world. These are vintners who make wine from the land they came. Thanks to sustainable viticulture and the calm of their silent cellars, Pehu-Simonet preserves their inimitable and enduring mark of place. Pehu Simonet is a very taste of Champagne.

In the Montagne de Reims (Marne) with sloped soils atop their deep bedrock of chalk, Pinot Noir reigns supreme and in these soils the Champagne are renowned for their power, their structure and their nobility. The quintessence of Pinot Noir marks the Champagne from Verzenay as these are Pehu-Simonet’s oldest plots. The vinification of their Blanc de Noirs is realized without malolactic fermentation but rests in oak barrels from the forest of Verzy bearing the sublime character of this great wine. In the cradle of the Côte des Blancs Chardonnay marks the Champagne whose soils are comprised of chalk at floor level which lend finesse and elegance to the wines. The book on the Côte des Blancs is entirely the finesse and minerality most often described as feminine.

No matter the purity or combination of plots, Pehu-Simonets are deliberate wines that speak of Champagne in their proudest Champenoise dialect of their people, their traditions and above all the land from which they grow. 

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