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Founded in 1670, Warre and Co. is the oldest British company in Portugal and one of the most highly esteemed Port shipping firms in the world.

Two or three times a decade, Warre's judge that their wines are of such outstanding quality that they merit consideration to be 'declared' a vintage. When such a wine becomes available it is sure to be a leader in its field. Warre's principal objective is to produce a vintage Port that continues the same superb reputation created by the great Warre's vintages of previous generations.

Wines of this quality are made using the traditional treading techniques that have not changed in 2000 years, producing wines with intense color and flavor. Selected from a number of top quality vineyards, the company's Vintage Port is aged in wooden casks for 18 months before being bottled unfiltered using a normal driven cork.

Warre Vintage Port is produced for long aging in the bottle and therefore should always be stored lying down and decanted prior to serving.

“Warre remains one of the gems of vintage Port and the Symingtons are continuously polishing it”.
James Suckling, Vintage Port

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