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Pavao is the success story of many growers collaborating together into a healthy cooperative where together they can accomplish wines and reach none could achieve on their own. Known collectively as Vercoope, it has since its founding in 1964 boosted the development of Vinho Verde throughout the world so that now their is a Vinho Verde culture from Brazil to Minnesota. A deepening knowledge and consumption by a growing number of connoisseurs and consumers has piqued the appetite for this Green Wine and even so remains one of the most enticingly priced wines to be found. An accomodating foil to so many cuisines, Pavao's Vinho Verde is a perennial favorite of Lynne Rosetto Kaspar on her Splendid Table and a widely loved aperitif among chefs  because of its light spritz and its citrussy, young and fruitycharacter. Oenophiles love it too for its light body and the invigorating zip of Loureiro, Trajadura and Pedernã -the indigenous varieties unique to Vinho Verde -a sui generis wine unique to Northern Portugal.

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