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Portas da Herdade

Portas da Herdade are made by the Companhia das Quintas which has four farms in some of the most notable Portuguese wine regions: Douro, Beira Interior, Extremadura and Alentejo. Focused on creating Quinta wines with high quality standard, the Companhia das Quintas has developed a wide range of wines, organized into five wineries.

Based on local quintas from which each wine originates these are the Quinta da Romeira, the Quinta do Cardo, Quinta da Farizoa and Quinta da Cova da Barca and then a fifth winery which offers a wider expression of Portugal as a broader horizon -as they say: along the multiregião lines of the Denomination of Controlled Origin which the wider world is only beginning to grasp in this land of more indigenous vierieties than any other country in Europe.

The basis of this project stretches over the regions of Bucelas, Palmela, Alentejo, Douro, Beira Interior and Ribatejo. The more fresh and fruity Arinto to the most elegant, fragrant and lasting Touriga Nacional, Companhia das Quintas offers something of a segue for every wine drinker luring even the staunch traditionalist into this generous land of world class wines at immense value.

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