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“A winding road, picturesque, with beautiful vistas of the Bec de l'Aigle or Embiez, will take you through the vineyards to CHATEAU PIBARNON, located on Telegraph Hill, where the old optical telegraph once linked Toulon to Paris. This is how you arrive at the top of the Bandol Appellation high above the mists of the valley. Because of this slope, the vignerons at CHATEAU PIBARNON enjoy evenly ripened grapes without fear of rot.

"PIBARNON dominates the vineyard and even the villages of La Cadière and Le Castellet area atop the stones and rocks, commanding the hill, clinging to its terraces –a terraced house facing East and the Mistral wind that defines this part of France. Combined with the altitude, it is the best exposure for the slow ripening of the grapes that promotes a great depth of flavor and complexity.

"This vineyard is planted on a Triassic soil, older than a few hundred million years, compared to other local courses, characterized by a very high rate of limestone. This geology gives their wines fine and tight tannins, powerful and complex aromas, while retaining elegance, balance and finesse. Moreover, the subsoil foundation of blue marl Santonian is another major advantage of this unique terroir. For these reasons, PIBARNON could itself constitute a named vineyard, a Clos, a climat.”

Chateau de Pibarnon

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