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The Vouvray vineyards rise upstream from the city of Tours along the Eastern bank of the Loire River. The Gautier family has been farming and making Chenin Blanc from these clay-limestone soils for seven generations since 1669. Now Jean-Michel and his older brother Benoit have taken over the family business and work two separate 35 acre parcels while sharing the same Trogloditic caves for winemaking and aging that their great-great-great-great-grandfather began using over three centuries ago.

While the two men have always made their wines side by side, Jean-Michel (Domaine de la Racauderie) has recently begun to step out of his brother's shadow with some truly remarkable wines of his own. As with most Vouvray producers, Jean-Michel makes Chenin Blanc in the full range of styles from dry to sweet as well as sparkling. His wines are uniformly distinctive and offer a fantastic expression of the joys of Chenin Blanc at ridiculously reasonable prices for the quality and style they offer. While we adore him and his wines, we are fervently hoping that he doesn't notice what a bargin they are any time soon. Enjoy! We certainly are.

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