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The "Terrassenmosel" (terraced Mosel), the most northern part of the Mosel valley offers incredibly beautiful scenery with steep, terraced vineyards, a warm and dry climate, exotic wildlife, as well as Roman churches, medieval castles and romantic little villages and wonderful Riesling wines.
The Hähn family has been in the wine business since 1650.

In 1892 Peter Hähn moved to Kobern and started a small winery. In 1956 his grandson Karlheinz Hähn expanded the winery by buying the Freiherr von Schleinitz estate and merged the two keeping the von Schleinitz name. He started to expand the business by being a negociant but also developed his own vineyards at the same time. Focusing on his own production and quality the negociant part of the business was reduced and eventually eliminated as the estate grew and became recognized for quality.

The winery received more and more attention for its quality and achieved its first national award in 1979. At that time Konrad Hähn, the son of Karlheinz and now owner of the estate, was already involved with the winemaking and is now continuing the devotion to quality started by his father. The quality focus of the winery was confirmed by two additional national awards in 1995 and 2001. Weingut Freiherr von Schleinitz is widely regarded as a leading winery in the area.

In this most northern part, the Mosel valley is very narrow and the vineyards very steep. The warm micro climate and the use of terrasses along the south facing slopes allows the vines to grow to full ripeness despite the northern location. The use of machinery is impossible and all work including harvesting is done by hand.

Von Schleinlitz's Slatestone Rieslings are grown on the steep terraces of the Mosel Valley, where the soil consists of weathered slate providing the wines with mineral flavor. The Riesling grape with its low yield provides rich fruit and the cool climate and long growing season preserve a crisp acidity.

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