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Frascole extends over 100 hectares, a few hectares are at the bottom of the valley but the majority are set on the hill of Frascole, growing both olives and grapes. The farm has its origins in the passion for farming passed down through the generations. The business center is the Vico estate located on the hill of Frascole that overlooks the town of Dicomano at 40 meters a.s.l. This small complex of houses dates back to the Middle Ages and is surrounded by vineyards (about 15 hectares) and olive groves (about 9 hectares).

The origins of the farm estate and of Vico go back to Roman times. In 1996, while the family was planting new vines, they uncovered the remains of a home from Roman times. A few years earlier during another restructuring project, they uncovered Roman coins just a short distance away. Before the Romans, the Etruscan inhabited and cultivated this land: less than a half mile away, the remains of an important Etruscan fortification can be visited. In another of the Frascole vineyards, a beautiful Etruscan star used in tombs was found.

They began a project of re-qualification several years ago to improve the quality of their products, seeking to naturally promote the characteristics of their land. This has meant the renewal of their entire system, from growing high density, low yield vineyards through the use of compact farming and thinning out canopy and clusters. The wine cellar has been completely renovated and enlarged with the creation of a new vinification room and aging cellar. It is possible to visit the vineyards and the cellar, taste their products and buy them on the spot.

Since 1998, the entire agricultural estate follows organic agricultural methods.

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