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Domaine Bernard Morey will now have three different labels – a negociant label from Bernard and a Domaine label under each of his sons, Vincent and Thomas. Some of the larger appellations were divided equally and some of the smaller ones were given to one or the other of his sons. In the case of Vincent Morey, he will have additional wine through the family domaine of his wife, Sophie. Bernard Morey, a leading personality in the village of Chassagne-Montrachet, took his retirement in roughly 2007, roughly as that is how retiring and passing things on the the next generation goes, especially in France. For Bernard that meant deciding how to divide up the Domaine’s holdings; splitting the larger parcels between his his sons, Thomas and Vincent, and passing on smaller parcels fairly where dividing them would make working them untenable. Once done, the question for Bernard became “so now what?” His eye had always been on bits of property where he felt the resulting wines did not measure up to the potential the saw in the grapes grown there. A farmer always wants to see the land respected and for Bernard it was giving the grapes from certain properties the care and talent their potential warranted. You’ll find these wines wonderfully precise and immensely pleasurable.

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