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Franck and Anne-Virginie Cinquin tend their Domaine des Braves in Régnié-Durette in the heart of Beaujolais, the birthplace of Cru Régnié. Vineyard workers and then owners since 1903, the Cinquin family strive to produce the best grapes the vines and soils can provide after more than a century of working with these vineyards. The cultivation of the vine goes back to ancient times. It was the Romans who implanted in Gaul, Beaujolais and Régnié. In the Middle Ages, the monks developed the culture. In the eighteenth century the opening of the Briare Canal for transporting wine by river on the Loire to Paris, favored its development. In 1936, the emergence of concept of AOC, the INAO (Institut National des Appellations d'Origine) recognized the high quality of wines from Régnié which in 1988 joined the nine other famous Beaujolais Crus.CRU REGNIE

Since it began in the 1970s, the Domaine des Braves in the commune of Régnié- Durette, covers an area of about 42 acres. Here Gamay grows at an average altitude is a thousand feet on a sandy topsoil above a granite subsoil for half of the operations, with the remainder on a clay loam soil. The vineyards of Domaine des Braves produce a wine round and generous with aromas of fresh grapes, which on aging, turns giving way to candied fruit aromas with notes toast. Again, not that the "paw" of the winemaker will escape you -as he describes as the coup de patte. Even so, Régnié is serious wine, and it has a habit of qualifying as "feminine" despite an appreciable generosity -perhaps because the average age of these vines is around 45 years.


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