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Il Follo

While Follo is an agricultural village in the municipality of Valdobbiadene in the province of Treviso located on one of the hills descending from the foothills of the Alps of Veneto toward the course of the River Piave, the vineyard is also called "Il Follo." Situated on the slope of a hill facing west over Piagar, the farm is encircled by vineyards climbing the slopes where Prosecco vines were planted over the centuries ago when the land was taken from ash trees, chestnut groves, brambles and "rustot" -what we know as "butcher’s broom." The view is gorgeous.

A terroir encompassing a place and its people, Il Follo is special Prosecco indeed. Many family names originate from generations spent in the same occupation over the centuries. How apropos that the family ‘Follador’ were those who cultivated some agricultural products and converted them into consumption goods. In the dialect of Veneto "follare l’uva" still means "to press grapes" in order to make wine. Many generations of Follador have been doing this kind of work in the hills of Valdobbiadene and Vittorio Follador, his father Attilio, and son Luca are continuing this old tradition today.

Il Follo consists of 12 acres of vineyards and an annexed winery where winemaking marries tradition to modern oenological techniques. A small part of production is sold in demijohns to wine lovers who want to bottle wine by themselves but most of it is bottled directly and gives origin to different kinds of still and sparkling wines. Il Follo release 50 to 60 thousand bottles of wine each and every year and we clean out our share every year because it is exemplary Prosecco of the illustrious Cartizze Hills.

Take in the Cartizze Hills and get to know Il Follo better: 

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