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Everyone in the Sannio region of Campania has vines, or at least it seems that way. Every family you meet has a few small plots of indigenous vines which have been handed down and tended for generations. While this collection of tiny parcels makes for a beautiful, bucolic, and romantic landscape, the economics of making wines in these miniscule quantities are daunting and unappealing to say the least. Nurturing and promoting the production of hundreds of small, local growers is the mission of Vinicola del Sannio.

Vinicola del Sannio is a project begun in the 1980’s by the Annicchiarico family. Raffaele Annicchiarico leads the enterprise today combining high quality vinification with the indigenous vineyard production of most of the small family growers in the Sannio region. Not only has Vinicola del Sannio brought the production of indigenous varieties like Falanghina, Fiano, Greco, and Aglianico to the international forefront, Raffaele has worked with their family growers to dramatically improve the quality and sustainability of their farming practices over the last decade. The wines and value of Vinicola del Sannio have never been better or more exciting than they are today!

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