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August Kessler

The Estate
Situated in the Assmannshausen in the Rheingau region, the wine estate of August Kesseler consists of vineyard sites in Lorch (for Riesling and Silvaner wines), on the slopes of the hills around Rüdesheim and in the area called “Assmanshäuser Höllenberg”. August Kesseler took over the estate from his parents in 1977 as a young man, and has qualitatively expanded the best area under vines to 18 hectares (44.48 acres). The manor house and cellar are situated directly on the slate outcrops of the “Assmanshäuser Höllenberg”. Experience gained in winegrowing regions in the USA and France has taught August Kesseler the value in placing great importance on quality – improv­ing measures in the vineyard and in the cellar, which restore the characteristic flavor to the Assman­shäuser Spätburgun­der – a flavor which once made it world-famous – and which give the Riesling from the Rüdesheimer Berg a good balance between the typical acidity and the natural residual sugar.

The Vineyard Sites
The quality of a wine has its origins in the vineyard. As well as the reputation of a vineyard site, which is historically, climatically and geographically, founded, the crucial factor here is the rigidly controlled quality-oriented running of the vineyards. The sight of the terraces with their steep slopes shows that these vineyard sites facing west and south-west repre­sent an ideal position for producing unique wines. The “Assman­shäuser Höllenberg” is built up of heat-storing slate-phyllite. Its micro­climate and the porosity of the soil make an ideal site for the Spätburgunder wines, which enjoy a long tradition in this vineyard site. From the central vineyard site of the Höllenberg, Kesseler obtains the grapes for the classic Spätburgunder wine with a high level of extract and concentrated fruit aromas. The weathered slate of the Rüdesheim hills, due to their extremely steep nature and the associated high temperatures in the vineyards between the rows, as well as the porosity of the soils produce Riesling wines with a concentrated fruit rich in nuances which contains a spirited yet stable acidity.

Available Wines

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