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Traditionally, people have focused on regions, following names and places like Chateau Latour, Romaine Conte, Pomerol, Côte de Nuits (and it’s sub appellations) etc. Today most buyers and consumers depend on people and publications, making purchases based on a winemaker‘s following, or published scores from wine critics. While we understand the need for consumers to get assistance with their purchases, we want to reach out to people who take the time to consider for themselves what they drink and who they buy from.

What is more important? People or nature? People can influence, attempt to mold, and in some ways change nature. In today’s world the cult of personality/style of wine seems to have an equal billing with nature. Adelante starts with nature and has a soft imprint. They use native yeast and try to harvest grapes at the right levels to avoid having to add acid. Minimal to no filtration is the goal. Most importantly, they want their wine to be an expression of their piece of land.

Winemaker Ray Kaufmann is committed to making wines from the La Consulta area, where the vineyard is located. Although they may have to add a small percentage of wine from another vineyard to improve the structure and taste of a specific vintage, Don Eugenio Vineyard is the life blood and backbone of Adelante wine. They did not start with a price point or a specific style to make a wine that fits the market. They started with the desire to find the true level of their vineyard. They strive to find the correct yields and grow grapes to make the best wine possible.

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