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Don Rodolfo

The history of Don Rodolfo began over 140 years ago when the Lavaque Winery was founded in 1870 by Jose Lavaque in Salta, Argentina. The Don Rodolfo wines are named after his son Rodolfo Félix Lavaque, whose family carries on his winemaking legacy today. The Lavaque family's vineyards encompass some of the finest properties across the Mendoza, Salta and San Rafael wine regions, each meticulously planted for the best grapes suited to each terroir.


Mendoza is the home to the Don Rodolfo Malbec and is the viticultural powerhouse of all of Argentina for very good reason. Located in the eastern foothills of the Andes, in the shadow of Mount Aconcagua, vineyards are planted at the some of the highest altitudes in the world. Mendoza has given Malbec a powerful identity on the world stage as a serious, hearty, and appealingly structured red wine with great crowd appeal.


San Rafael is home to the powerful Don Rodolfo Tannat which was originally brought to the area from cuttings in Uruguay by Basque settlers.San Rafael is considered a particularly precious oasis in Southern Mendoza, naturally irrigated by the Diamante and Atuel rivers, and blessed by an arid climate with rocky, sandy soil rich in Andean minerals.


At 5,600 feet, the Don Rodolfo vineyards in Salta are among the highest in the world. It is here that the Torrontes and Pinot Noir are best able to benefit from the warm days and very cool nights to ripen slowly while maintaining superb acidity and freshness.

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