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Caves de Saumur

Caves de Saumur is an exemplary coöperative that has achieved prominence through hard fought efforts to distinguish them from other collective wineries. Far from the typical coöperatives that haphazardly tend their vineyards for high yields of mediocre bulk wine, Caves de Saumur is instead a humming hive whose forty like-minded families tend their vines with attentive care for quality wines expressive of both their varietal and their place –reflecting the terroir of which their rightly proud.
Stretching from Anjou to Touraine, Saumur is synonymous with Chenin Blanc whites and Cabernet Franc reds that afford the Caves de Saumur the privilege of specializing two varietal wines of incredible focus reflecting their appellation and in some cases highlights specific vineyards that are rightly set apart. These are the Lieu dit releases that zoom in on particularly noteworthy terroir ranging from Saumur Blanc to Saumur Champigny. From their intimate approach to viticulture to their deliberate respect of terroir, Caves de Saumur is head and shoulders above other coöperatives for crafting wines that eloquently speak of Saumur as a place of deeply rooted traditions.

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