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The Mohua range of wines are proudly brought to you by Peregrine Winery, Central Otago, New Zealand.
Since its first wine release in 1998, Peregrine Winery has quickly established itself as one of New Zealand’s iconic producers of handcrafted wines, reflecting and personifying the pristine environment in which these wines are nurtured. The winery has in subsequent vintages been awarded numerous international and domestic trophies, gold medals and accolades for all the varietals that are passionately crafted, in what is internationally recognized as one of the most beautiful places on earth. The “Mohua” wines are named in honor of one of our rarest birds, now found only in some of the most remote parts of the South Islands pristine rainforests. The graphics of the Mohua label reflect this stunning bird, flying through the upper canopies of its tree habitat.

The wines for the Mohua range are carefully selected from two of New Zealand’s most famous grape growing regions, Marlborough and Central Otago, both of these being in the South Island. From Marlborough, we bring you the Mohua Sauvignon Blanc, carefully chosen from a selection of 11 different vineyards within a region which is recognized on the global stage as the home of this variety.  From Central Otago, we bring you the Mohua Pinot Noir, Mohua Pinot Gris and Mohua Riesling. At 45deg South, this is the southernmost grape growing region in the world. This region has rapidly become recognized as one of the world’s premier producers of these three varieties and for very good reasons.
These Mohua wines are crafted using “Sustainable Viticulture Practices”, a philosophy of nurturing and respect for the environment in which they are grown.
The Mohua bird currently inhabits less than 5% of its original territory. It has been decimated over the past 100 years through the introduction of a variety of predators including stoats, rats and possums. Peregrine, through the Mohua wines is firmly committed to funding Conservation projects that will ensure these stunning choristers flourish and regain their rightful place amongst New Zealand’s unique fauna.

Queenstown, located 20 minutes drive from the Peregrine Winery, has achieved the title of “Adventure Capital of the World”  - an adrenalin fanatics nirvana. Famous for AJ Hackett Bungy jumping, “Lord of the Rings” film locations, golf courses and ski areas with unrivaled vistas, rivers and lakes that reflect the colors of a clear cloudless turquoise sky.
This area is home to some of the most stunningly visual vineyards in the world and through careful viticulture and winemaking, allows us to create wines of equal beauty and finesse.
It truly is Paradise. We know you will enjoy the discovery.
-description courtesy of Peregrine Winery

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