The Wine Company


Co-founder, CEO, and Head Chef

I am the co-founder of The Wine Company and currently it’s CEO.  I believe the wine business offers a retailer, a restaurateur or a distributor the opportunity to create for themselves a fulfilling life’s work providing their clients a stimulating, accessible way to live life more fully.  This ideal and its execution is beautiful in its simplicity. Wine is not the Holy Grail; it’s just what you pour into it.

Yes there are regions I prefer, but “mature wines” is the most precise answer as what do I like to drink.  In our business one is necessarily tasting young wines, often wines that aren’t even finished.  Mature wines close the loop.  I relax, take a deep breath and remember the line “slow down, you move too fast.”

Probably the most important thing I bring to the table is perspective.  This business has attracted very wine savvy people at every level; most much younger than I.  When we taste together all speak credibly to acids, tannins, minerality, phenolics and all that.  What Paul Daggett and I can do is comment on wines within the context of many previous vintages tasted.

I haven’t a pet for many years but there are plenty of dogs around the office to wrestle, chase and play tug-o’-war.  Of course, there is the Pooka, but Henry is more of a companion than a pet.

My wife of 40+ years and I have two grown sons of whom I am very proud; one of them has given us our first Grandchild, Colette.

I like to read; periodicals and books, occasionally tea leaves and old bones.  I like to travel.  I visit lots of galleries and museums; even have a recurring dream about this but that is beyond the scope of this profile.  I’m happiest in Burgundy; I love the wines and the food.

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