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Francois Carillon Puligny Montrachet 2017

Ichishima Seishu [Futsuu-shu] Sake, Niigata, Japan | 15% | Brewed with the softened waters of Niigata prefecture, the sakes of Ichishima have been made by the Ichishima family since 1790. Seishu is brewed from the Gohyakumangoku and Koshiibuki rice varieties which have been milled until only the pure core of the grain remains losing 30 to 40% of their outer husk and surface. On the subtle spectrum of sake the Seishu is delicate, dry and refreshing with a clean stone fruit character like firm apricots and greengage plums.
Wine review by Nicholas Livingston, January 21st 2016 (Flower Day)

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