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Noire Chinon Soif et Tendresse 2019

Ah Chinon! We who love Cabernet Franc are so fortunate to have such an astounding example as this which quenches our thirst with a tender red. Soif et Tendresse comes from the lighter sandier soils of Chinon yielding brambly red cherries on the nose and the snappy but gently fruity palate. Chinon’s expression of Cabernet Franc offers peppery herbal qualities above a core of red fruit making it just the wine for grilled meaty fish over a salad of spicy micro-greens and arugula, or braised kale and mustard greens beside savory rillettes. This is the sort of red one should reach for with hors d'oeuvres, charcuterie, and a typical picnic basket spread. As a foodie, once you discover the endless pairing possibilities of Chinon, you’ll be off to explore all the Cabernet Franc of France’s Loire Valley: other Chinon, Saumur Champigny and Bourgeuil will start popping out all over the place. As one that also shares this love for light to medium bodied Cabernet Franc, I wish each of us a long lifetime filled with Loire reds –happy hunting and happier still: happy drinking!
Wine review by Nicholas D. Livingston, February 2012

Food Pairings

The better cuts of lamb or beef. Grilled tuna or salmon. Ham and hamburgers. Pasta and pizza. Oh yeah, eggplant dishes.

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