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Don Rodolfo Torrontes 2010

First of all, Torrentes is a white or perhaps the white wine from Argentina. Many writers compare it to Viognier but I am not one of them. Oh on the surface, yes; they share compelling aromatics of pitted fruits like apricot and peach, white flowers and quince. But Torrentes is more honest, more innocent. It is exactly as it appears; where Viognier is coquettish hiding a very serious side. The flavours of Torrentes are less flamboyant than the nose but the delicacy certainly invites a second sip if not glass. Most of these wines are not quite dry. Enjoy Torrentes on a picnic or a day at the beach or with spicy foods, say Thai.

Food Pairings

Ethnic foods; Thai, Mexican, Vietnamese. Seafood and shellfish especially with a squeeze of lemon. Ceviche.

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